Sunday, March 16, 2008

Three shades of Azalea

Everything seems to be coming to life this week. Especially the mint in the herb garden - popping up in the middle of the oregano, all around and in the rosemary, and even a little in the clay pot!  Mint juleps anyone?  The hydrangeas are leafing out, and the red maple, dogwoods, and crabapple are all budding. Blooms are popping out on the azaleas - cherry red in the front circle, white and pink in the backyard.   I planted lettuce seed by the herb garden and a dozen snapdragons in the flower garden. 

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Melissa said...

Wow--you are a few weeks ahead of us! The weeping cherry is just starting to open here, and the lilac is gearing up-- mmmm. No azaleas yet-- too dry, maybe?