Thursday, June 11, 2009

New additions

Blooms and bugs are abundant in the garden now.  No pictures of the bugs - but lots of pictures of the blooms.  Above is a newcomer, Astilbe,  to the shady bed that we planted last year.  
Below is the fennel I planted in spring 2008 thinking it was dill.  It has grown at least another foot since this picture was taken.  The mint is trying to keep up with it.
The climbing rose - gracing us with lovely profuse blooms for about a month.  Sadly, the blooming season is over now.

I was afraid I had lost the spirea last fall, but I'm thankful to see that I was wrong.
The coreopsis in full bloom. . .
The snapdragons were planted in fall 2007!  I cut them back last fall and they came back nicely to my surprise.

 The hydrangea blooms aren't as abundant as I'd like, but they are beautiful. . .

The balloon flower - a spindly thing in years past - seems stronger and healthier this  year.

The beautiful blooms on the phlox and the bee balm take away some of the disappointment of the irises not blooming this year.


Lisa Batts said...

Ginny, I love your flowers. Hydrangeas are a favorite of mine. We had a vase full of them at Robert's graduation party Saturday. They came from a bush at my parents' house. Decades ago, Daddy planted the bush from a cutting at his parents' house. I love that kind of hand-me-down!

Ginny said...

Lisa, I love hydrangeas, too - and hand-me-down plants! It's wonderful that your hydrangea has been passed down in your family. We have several things in the yard now that came from family. We have irises from Hal's parents house, Virginia spiderwort that we dug up from Emi's and Gibson's yard in Laurinburg, and an old-fashioned climbing rose that was a cutting from a cutting that Melissa's mother gave Adam & Melissa.