Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A lesson in patience - or negligence

This must have been a discount table plant when I bought it several years ago.  It took its time establishing itself - appearing in Spring the last two years but just "sitting there" so to speak all through the summer.  Not growing, not blooming.  But today, on my daily after work stroll through the garden, I saw this!
Lamiastrum, Hermann's Pride, Yellow Archangel

Another lesson in patience - or negligence - on my part.  I have several other plants in my garden that took at little time getting established.  This pin cushion flower is another one.

It now blooms all summer and into the fall.  It's blooms are wonderful in small bouquets and I love the color.


Kyna said...

I always walk by the pincushion flowers at the garden center, I don't know why. They're so beautiful when planted in the garden, and offer a rare blue hue. Nice photos, I'm glad your other plant finally bloomed for you! :)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

The foliage on your Lamiastrum is so pretty that even without the wonderful yellow bloom it would still add so much to your garden. Love the color of your pincusion flower. I use to have some but over the years they died out and I never got more. Yours looks in very good shape indeed.