Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whiteflies, blackspot, aphids. . .

Everything is not perfect in my garden.  Whiteflies have infested the shrubs by the side porch.  Black spot and aphids are on the roses.  My little swamp milkweed seedling doesn't seem to have survived. Only two of my irises have bloomed.  I sprayed the rose bush with neem oil and sprayed the shrubs with insecticidal soap.  And then I made myself feel better by taking these pictures.
The Rhododendron in all its glory.

Evening Primrose  - I love it when it's blooming even if it is the most invasive plant I have.
The snaps and penstemon are at their best.
The coreopsis is in full bud and the dianthus is the healthiest I've ever seen it.
The lilac lullaby skullcap - a rescue from the bargain table at Lowe's last fall - is blooming for the first time.  
And the goldflame spirea is beginning to flower.


Bernie said...

Over here in my garden it's been hungry hoardes of grasshoppers, aphids, green ants, wallabies and mealybugs ... so you're not alone!

You have some gorgeous plants in bloom right now ... loved your rhodo!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I've noticed the aphids are starting to run amok here too. A sure sign of spring as they gorge themselves on all the new spring growth. Your Rhodie is beautiful though!