Monday, May 17, 2010

Gifts that multiply

Several years ago at Christmas someone gave my husband an amaryllis kit - one of those with the plastic pot, a little soil, and a bulb to be planted with hopes of a bloom for the Christmas season.    I followed the instructions for that forced Christmas bloom but without success.   So I planted it in the garden at the foot of the steps and and was pleasantly surprised to see these blooms in June.   (The lavender did well that Spring, too, as you can see!)
This year I have two scapes with four blooms on one and one bud so far on the other.
I've noticed that a number of other garden bloggers have posted pictures of blooming amaryllis in the last week or so.  I know the amaryllis itself is nothing special - but these blooms remind me of what I love about gifts of plants and cuttings.  The gift of a plant is a gift that we receive over and over again - every season and sometimes throughout the year.  And, with the help of propagation,  a plant may be the only gift that we can both keep and re-gift!


Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

It's strange that the folks who rate these plants tell us they're only hardy to zone 8. I see them all over town. This year, I plan to get some clearance ones after Christmas for my beds. It's odd that these would return for you, but not Gerbers. They require the same dry conditions during dormancy.

Daricia said...

i agree with Tom, they're fairly common in Charlotte, too, though not as much so as in eastern NC. We just came back from coastal NC where they were just passing peak blossom and were in every other yard! Seems like such luxury to me because we pay a lot for them and treat them so special to have blooms at Christmas. Yours look so pretty with the lavender and the white pickets.