Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pretty in Pink

It was a hot and exhausting weekend working outside, but it was wonderful.  Now if we have rain tomorrow as the forecast promises,  all will be well.
The climbing rose is just beginning to bloom.  It's a simple, pale pink rose that blooms profusely for a couple of weeks in May. And it has lots of pink company!


Lisa Batts said...

Ginny, I love your rose. It reminds me of one I just planted. I wanted something new in my yard, planted in memory of my mother, and I chose a pink rose bush! I remember her whenever I see it and think how much she would have liked it.

Kelly@LifeOutOfDoors said...

Your rose is so lovely! Thanks for checking out my post - I think empty nest gardening will be great. At least I won't fear being reprimanded for benign neglect (but not of my garden!)