Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Something important happens every day"

It is only when you start a garden - probably after age fifty - 
that you realize something important happens every day.
- Geoffrey B. Charlesworth
The view from above of two of my beds.  (I have a small balcony off the 2nd floor of my house.)  The bare spaces will soon be filled with herb and flower seedlings.  The climbing rose in the lower left corner has just begun to bloom.  The clematis at the right end has finished it's first flush of bloom.  A number of the plants haven't bloomed yet, but "something important happens every day."


Daricia said...

what a pleasant view from the balcony!

Daricia said...

what do you have planted around your stepping stones?

Ginny said...

The ground cover around the stepping stones just volunteered itself - so I suppose most people would call it a weed. In trying to identify it, I'd say it looks most like golden creeping jenny.

Amy said...

Some pretty things happening! I love your path and the roses are beautiful!