Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shades of blue

I started my hydrangea bed with a florist potted hydrangea that I received as a gift.   I added two more small plants from the garden center that first year, but didn't save the tags.   Each year since I've added one or two more plants, but usually at least one is a gift.  This year's additions were a Mother's Day gift and a potted plant I received from friends when my father died.  So, you can see why I can't tell you the name of a single one of them! But I love these nameless plants.  The lace caps seem to glow in the dark.
This one is best appreciated close up where you can see the blue centers of the petals.
This one is the most unusual - the leaves and flowers both.
There are four or five young plants to the left of these in this bed, with room to add more.  I've enjoyed reading posts on hydrangeas by other bloggers, especially those by Philip at Dirt Therapy.  If any of you can identify my hydrangeas, please leave a comment.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Ginny your hydrangeas are just gorgeous. I love the plant and have a few also. The blue lace cap is just beautiful.

Gary said...

Just lovely Ginny. In my book, blue lacecap Hydrangeas are tops!

Priscilla said...

Beautiful garden, I love Hydrangeas! I'd like to plant one or two. I have a very small garden with raised beds and do most of my flowers in containers. Also, thanks for stopping by and checking out my recipes :)

sequoiagardens said...

Ginny I too am a fan of hydrangeas and have some very special ones, but your 'most unusual' one is completely new to me and fills me with envy. I shall check my books and other sources and see what I learn! Jack

sequoiagardens said...

PS: Can you show as the leaves which you say are also unusual. That can help to track it down. I have used 'hydrangea' as a tag 9 times - one of my posts you will find at http://sequoiagardens.wordpress.com/2010/01/26/hoorah-for-hydrangeas-part-2/