Sunday, August 1, 2010

Butterfly Mornings

Butterfly mornings
Butterfly mornings
Catch me there
Gonna get me there
If I have to climb all the mountains on the moon
I'll be in butterfly mornings
Butterfly mornings
And wild flower afternoons

The last two days have been a gift. . . . rain fell and the thermostat dropped.  I had been worried because I hadn't seen many butterflies this summer, but all my worrying was for naught.  

I also saw a black swallowtail but wasn't able to catch him on camera.  
At one point I just stopped what I was doing and sat and watched.  A pair of hummingbirds were feeding from the "hot lips" salvia.  A Towhee flew up and perched in the butterfly bush just a few feet away.  The little black-capped chickadee came to the feeder when I was close enough to reach out and touch it.   The bees were happily buzzing nearly everywhere I looked.  There was a cool breeze and even a little drizzle.  It was a piece of heaven.
Wishing you "butterfly mornings and wildflower afternoons".


Daricia said...

Hi Ginny, I have just started to see the same butterflies. It is wonderful to have a couple of cooler days, isn't it? The heat has been unbelievable this year.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Ginny. Your butterfly pictures are just so pretty. They really enjoy your zinnias. There are a lot of them around here in the garden now too. I love watching them fluttering about. Have a wonderful week.

Andrea said...

Hi Ginny, i am new here just came in via Gloria's. I have been a chaser of butterflies a few years back and quite a bit mellow now, yet when i saw yours i am reminded of chasing them. You have lots of them there, even if the flowers are mostly zinnias. At least i have seen a few in your blog even if it takes a few more days before i can really see real ones. thanks.

Dirty Girl Gardening said...


Heather said...

Lovely butterfly pics! Your garden looks great too!

Priscilla said...

Beautiful Butterflies! I haven't seen them that much like I did in early Summer. I see a few but haven't had a chance to get pictures since I'm always so busy with something. You have great photos!

mya said...

After looking at your beautiful flowers I had to go back to see if I had read correctly what you had written about yourself. Inexperienced? Uneducated? You must be a mighty quick learner.
Gorgeous flowers!
Almost forgot. EcoSMART insect repellent does contain cinnamon, along with rosemary, lemongrass, and gerananiol. I used it today, and not a single mosquito bothered me.
Thank you for stopping by.

Christine B. said...

No butterflies here: too much rain the last couple of weeks. Maybe you could send some sun up my way?

Christine in Alaska

Regina said...

hi ginny,
your butterfly photos are great!!!!!!
your garden looks great too.
have a nice week,

hazeltree said...

nothing more beautiful than a butterfly....