Monday, July 18, 2011

Blue Angel

I make and collect angels (read about that here), but this living angel is a first.  
I found it on the discount shelf at Lowe's.   

Blue Angel Columbine
Aguilegia flabellata 'Blue Angel' 

I planted it in May without any expectations of blooms this year, but a few week's ago I was delighted to see these pretty violet blooms appear.
Blue Angel Columbine blooms spring to summer and likes morning sunlight.  It's water needs are low once established and it has a nice compact mounding growth habit.

I don't know where the name "Blue Angel" came from.  
I suspect it has nothing to do with this Roy Orbison song.


FlowerLady said...

What a lovely blue bloom.


NellJean said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting on Seedscatterer. Mama used to talk about planting columbine a lot but I don't think she ever planted any, nor have I. I'm enjoying Roy singing as I type.

Karen said...

Very pretty blue columbine! This one would be free to wander around my garden anywhere it wanted to reseed. Just lovely!

Cat said...

Such a treat when a quick pick up plant from the big box stores thrives! It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Blue is my FAVORITE!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Ginny,
I came to your blog after reading your comment to Greggo about butterflies, and that you plant flowers they like. I see we are sisters in Christ.

I love that columbine! I am in Nebraska, and my columbines are finished blooming for the season.

PlantPostings said...

Columbine! And how wonderful that it bloomed the first year. Cheers!

Amy said...

I love all blue flowers!
You should see my moon flower. It has really taken off. It is one of my favorite additions to my garden this summer. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Julia@PolkaDotGaloshes said...

What a gorgeous blue! And to have found it in the clearance area, what a it!!

Alistair said...

Blue flowers, (any way you want) I love them. I just planted the Columbine Flabellata Ministar, I wonder if it also carries the name blue angel.