Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Words for Wednesday and seeing with my intellect

It's Wednesday and time to join Donna at Garden Walk, Garden Talk with a Word 4 Wednesday post.  This week's words are Texture and Pattern and Donna's post is full of great garden 
design information with fantastic photos to illustrate that information.
I won't pretend that I know enough about design to advise you on using texture and pattern in your garden - but I will show you some of the texture and pattern that I love  (and not just in my garden!)   

Seeing, in the finest and broadest sense, means using your senses, your intellect, and your emotions. It means encountering your subject matter with your whole being. It means looking beyond the labels of things and discovering the remarkable world around you.
- Freeman Patterson

I see most often with my senses and my emotions.  
Thinking about texture and pattern helps me to use my intellect as well.

Pattern and texture in the bark along with the texture of the squirrel's coat
Sand and sea oats,  the foam of the breaking waves

The fine texture of the clematis bloom and the patterns of the shadows on the fence
The pattern of the pier pilings reflected in the water
The sun illuminating the pattern in the dogwood leaves
The sun reflecting off the early morning dew on the grass
The tissue thin texture of the petals and the velvety leaves of the rose
Spiderwebs - amazing in every way

Camellia blooms - soft and romantic
I know I will always see my garden and the natural world around me with my emotions first and my intellect last.  But I'll be noticing pattern and texture and taking note of the emotions they evoke.


PlantPostings said...

Oh, how wonderfully you described this! And the photos illustrate the point so well. I agree--this meme really stretches the imagination and the intellect. I think it helps with the photography, too. Very nice post! said...

Your photos are wonderful, Ginny. The pattern of the pier is a magazine shot and so aptly illustrates the power of pattern, light and reflection. Thank you for joining and adding to the pictorial dialog.

Andrea said...

Beautiful. Just like with taste, we also employ a lot of senses not only the tongue to fully enjoy what the subject matter offers. I love your photos, and i realized when composing a post that if i will not stop the photos are endless. Like yours, I am sure it is difficult to stop because there's a lot more.

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

You are absolutely right! Emotion is my first reaction to a plant, landscape design, etc. and once the emotion settles in I can look at it from an intellectual perspective. Your photos are terrific. I love the spider web and the photo of the pier.

Mac_fromAustralia said...

Lovely. I especially like the sea oats and the pier.

Jeanette said...

Your photographs express so much and are so clear. Thanks, Ginny for your perspective on texture and pattern and how we react with emotion and translate it with our intellect.

Karen said...

Wonderful photos illustrating texture and pattern. Loved the emotions your pictures brought up for me, all of them peaceful and serene.

Donna said...

I love your I walk around the garden it is what I sense as beautiful or catching my eye that I focus on or take pics of...the pure emotion of the ahhh!

HolleyGarden said...

Good post. There is texture and pattern in everything. I love your pic of the pier pilings! And the sun reflecting off the dew looks like fireworks!

David Marsden said...

Lovely shots, Ginny. You've inspired me to grab my camera and get out there on this fine Saturday morning.


Alistair said...

All put together beautifully Ginny. My favourite also is the reflection of the rickety old pier.

debsgarden said...

Beautiful post, Ginny! I love the photo of the pier! I think a great garden is one that causes me to see with my emotions first, then I may examine it more closely with my intellect.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Just lovely, and what a lovely idea from Donna.~~Dee