Friday, March 22, 2013

Sunshine for the heart

It is technically Spring, but the days are still cool and the nights cold.  
I bundle up for my morning walk with Marty 
I become impatient this time of year - so ready to put away the coat and gloves.
Ready to be surprised every day by a new bloom.  Tired of the gray and brown and 
ready for the color of Spring blooms.

And then I round the corner. This glorious stand of  forsythia comes into view
and instantly I feel warmer. The air is just as cold but my heart has been warmed.


Karen said...

The forsythia is gorgeous, what a way to burst into Spring. Things are still white around here, so it's good to see these blooms.

Donna said...

Ginny these are so beautiful...Mine are buried by new snow, but I hope to see them soon when the snow finally melts maybe next weekend. I am impatient for spring as well.

Carolyn ♥ said...

Ginny your words rang true to my own heart and lifted my spirits. Especially love your words "Ready to be surprised every day by a new bloom." Exactly how I feel!