Sunday, June 25, 2017

Back to the Beginning

I didn't plan to walk away from posting for over four years.  I'm not even sure what has kept me away.  But here I am, starting over, going back to the beginning when I posted primarily as a convenient way to keep a garden journal.  Today, only photos, but I hope to grow this habit again with some notes and observations.
Luna Hibiscus with a bee hanging on

Autumn Sedum holding big drops of rain from showers overnight

Gaura, Coneflower, Snapdragons, Butterfly Weed


Volunteer Sunflower that has provided a snack

Cala lilies

Unidentified Daylily - a pass along plant

Black-eyed Susan

Sage - I love blue in the garden

Dill gone to flower

Hostas, Ferns, Hellebores, Acuba, Virginia Creeper


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Lovely blooms!

That was a long break from blogging. Looking forward to seeing more from your gardens.


Karen said...

You have many gorgeous flowers in your garden. I'm glad to see you are back again. :-)

Donna said...

No matter the reason it is lovely to see you back....I had to stop for 11 months and just came back on a limited basis! Love the flowers!

Beth at PlantPostings said...

Welcome back! I missed your posts, and always enjoyed your photos and thoughts. When does your Cala Lily usually start blooming? I have an amazing plant in a pot that I successfully overwintered--it's lush and full, but I don't see any sign of blooms yet this season. It's in about as much sun as I can give it. Hopefully, it will happen before the season's out. Love Cala Lilies. Your photos are beautiful!