Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend observations

I was sitting on the garden bench Friday morning and noticed new growth on the 2-story high camellia bush. Then I realized that the new foliage didn't look at all like camellia foliage - in fact, it looked like magnolia leaves. And they are magnolia leaves! A tree seems to have sprung up right in the middle of the camellia.

Tonight I watched the birds at the feeder and saw at least ten beautiful cardinals - several families, I think. The parents were feeding the younger ones - it was a joy to watch them. I've not had any luck capturing them on camera - just this lone male in the tree waiting for me to get out of the way!

We put the sprinkler out this weekend while grandsons Sy and Jack were visiting. Sy had a great time playing under it, and it brought back many fond memories of playing under the sprinkler when I was a child. It also reminded me that the garden can be enjoyed in many ways by all ages.

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