Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Basket Full of Blooms

As a novice gardener with little knowledge of plants,  I like to save the labels that come in the plants I purchase.  Every season I go through my labels and dispose of the ones that accompanied plants that didn't survive.  This Spring I have a few labels that are in a "maybe" pile - they survived the summer, but will they come back?
There are a few that have been huge successes.  Among my favorites are Snow Fountains Guara (above) and Luna Blush Hibiscus.

Daylilies have done well, too.  Buddhist Flame and Lavender Deal are included in these shots.
But not everything in the garden came with a tag.  This beautiful climbing rose has been passed from garden to garden.  My daughter-in-law's mother first started it from a cutting.  It traveled with her when she moved and was shared with her daughter when her daughter and my son bought their first house.   They blessed me with a cutting a couple of years ago.  

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Amy said...

I never get home with the plant tag. I always look at it at the nursery, but it never makes it to my home. I love your white gaura. I have a pink gaura that I have really enjoyed. I love the flower in your header...very pretty. You have a great blog.