Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Invaders Among Us

While watching TV with my father last week, we stumbled upon this program on North Carolina Public Television.  We watched in fascination as the narrator described how many of the plants that are common in our yards and gardens are actually invaders that displace our native plants.
That program motivated me to learn more about native plants and in the process I discovered the website of the North Carolina Native Plant Society.    I can't wait to have the time to browse the site.
As I was looking for the "Invaders Among Us"  program online, I discovered an entire series of gardening programs available with just a click on the website.  The series is In the Garden with Bryce Lane.  There are a number of episodes that appear to be designed for novices like me, but the photography is beautiful.  I'm looking forward to viewing them all as I have time.
And even on You Tube, there are great resources!


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I'm still learning about our own native plants here, however, I've become all too familiar with the 'invaders', and the damage they do. It can be as simple as non-native plants growing so densely that native wildlife can't navigate through it, or perhaps the invaders change the soil composition so the natives won't grow. Your local Native Plant Society is a wonderful resource, and if you have invaders on your property, they can suggest alternative native plants to replace them with. Kudos to you for making the effort to learn more about those garden bullies.

Amy said...

Hi, Ginny ~ Native and Adapted Plants for Central Texas... is my favorite booklet to keep on hand. Natives just make sense for a lot of reasons.
Aggie Horticulture (even though I went to OU) is one of my favorite places for plant info. University sites are usually really good sources,too. Enjoyed your post.