Monday, March 29, 2010

A bouquet for my Dad

In "Say it with flowers" I posted some photos of flowers that I have in my garden along with their meanings.  I mentioned that I was prompted to look at the meanings of flowers while planning an arrangement for my father's memorial service.  It won't be possible to have an arrangement of all the flowers whose meanings describe my dad, but I recorded in my journal what I would put in a bouquet for him if I could.  I do have a few but not all of these in my home garden.
  • aloe - wisdom & integrity
  • allspice - compassion
  • lavender - constancy
  • peony - happy marriage
  • passionflower - faith
  • rosemary - fidelity, loyalty, remembrance
  • spearmint - warmth of sentiment
  • hydrangea - perseverance
  • pansy - loving thoughts
  • daffodil - respect, regard
  • crocus - cheerfulness, gladness

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