Monday, March 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day March 2010

I posted so many pictures yesterday, that I wasn't sure I'd have anything for Bloom Day, hosted by May Dreams Gardens.  But then I remember these pictures that I took of this bad boy shrub,  an amur honeysuckle.   This small (obviously young) plant was left  between our yard and our neighbor's when our neighbor removed the dogwoods, sassafras, azaleas and other small trees and shrubs last fall (see my blog post here about that).  After reading about this honeysuckle shrub, it may not stay long in my yard.  But my, what a fragrance!  And the blooms really are pretty.


donna said...

Interesting that you found this amur honeysuckle bloom between your yard and the neighbor's, because yesterday I found a tiny white bloom on a mystery plant in the natural area between our house and the neighbor's. I'm guessing that your honeysuckle shurb is invasive?


Ginny said...

Donna, according to everything I read about it, it is VERY invasive - especially in large natural areas. It's listed on the invasive plants list of many horticulture sites. But I do know people who are very fond of honeysuckle and plant it in their landscapes.