Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring forward indeed!

I was amazed at how much new growth I found in the yard and garden this weekend - even the change from yesterday to today!  In addition to all of nature's activity, my husband and I were pretty busy, too.  He mounted the birdhouse he gave me for Christmas in the perfect spot.
He also worked hard both yesterday and today preparing a new bed in the lower part of the back yard.
I started some seed, planted some half-price pansies and some candytuft in a container, pulled many, many weeds, took lots and lots of pictures, and moved the garden fairy to a new spot.  Doesn't she look happy dancing through the daffodils?
The rose-colored hellebore is blooming now and both hellebore plants are gorgeous.
The two camellia trees - they reach the roof of our two store house - are loaded with blooms.
The crabapple is leafing out, the penstemon foliage is perking up, and the spirea is budding.  The mint is on its way, the pittosporum is budding, and the spring snowflake is blooming!



Bernie said...

Spring has sprung ... and that camellia is looking fabulous. Love the fairy skipping through the daffodils's a lovely touch! The birdhouse looks terrific too ... soon you'll be posting lots of bird photos as well.

Lisa Batts said...

Ginny, everything looks so pretty already. My Mama's beautiful "tulip" tree is also starting to bloom — a sure sign of spring!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Your fairy looks right at home dancing among the daffodils. Love your deep rose hellebore and I would love to be able to grow Camellias here. Love your red blooms. Spring is slowly appearing everywhere now. So welcome too.

Jennifer said...

I'm just as in love with your birdhouse and garden fairy as I am the blooms! All are put together nicely. I love it all!