Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Preparing for Butterflies

A post on Defining your Home, Garden and Travel  this week reminds us that the spring migration of the Monarch butterflies begins soon, and that by growing milkweed we can play a part in the growth of the Monarch population.
I am a huge fan of butterflies (see last summer's butterfly photos here).  Below is the first butterfly photo I took in my garden  - before I started blogging.

I've never grown milkweed or been visited by a Monarch.  I'm hoping to find some milkweed this Spring and give it a try.
In the past, I've had great success with swallowtails by growing fennel. (That's my grandson's finger - what a fun discovery that was for him!)
To learn more about butterflies,  I recommend the Stokes Butterfly Book.


Cameron said...

Ginny - thank you so much for spreading the word about helping the Monarchs and other butterflies! I grow fennel for the Black Swallowtails in my garden. I raise more of the BSTs than Monarchs. I had only 7 Monarchs last year.


donna said...

I have butterfly weed Ascelpias tuberosa growing in my yard. The Monarch butterflies will notice the iridescent orange.

Your grandson has a very handsome finger:)


Owen said...

I love reading about your plants. Keep up the snapshots (pictures are great) I planted milkweed this summer and I'm waiting on a monarch to find it! Good to know about the fennel.