Thursday, March 4, 2010

The sunny faces of daffodils

The sun was bright this morning and though the wind had a bite to it, it felt so much closer to Spring.  As this article in this morning's News and Observer says, we in eastern North Carolina have had enough of winter.  Erstwhile Editor (my husband) also blogged today about winter hanging on.   A walk around the yard helped me believe that it won't be too much longer before winter lets go for good.
Though I love crocuses and other early spring blooms, none of them are quite as cheerful as the daffodils.  They are in various stages of bloom around the yard this week.
The hellebore in one corner has a full bloom and many buds ready to open, while the plant in the other corner has several beautiful deep pink buds.
In the flower bed. the tri-color sedum is showing itself, and in the other corner of the yard, the rhododendron has some healthy new growth.

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donna said...

I've always liked the way sedums look in the early spring when first making an appearance. They make me think of little brussels sprouts.