Monday, April 12, 2010

The royalty of the garden

According to the Azalea Society of America azaleas are "the royalty of the garden".  Evergreen azaleas, natives of Japan, are abundant in this part of the country in the spring,  and I never tire of seeing them in bloom.  When we bought our house we were pleased to see that there were many large azaleas in place in our back yard.  Several of these azaleas were suffering last year.  Near the end of the summer we took a branch to our local agricultural center and asked for a diagnosis.  We were told that the problem was in the root system and there wasn't much that could be done.  So this Spring we were prepared for few or no blooms.  But to our delighted surprise, this is what happened!
No, they aren't as full as in years past, but with some pruning after the blooms fade and some TLC,  who knows!
Across the yard, we have this display of white and pink -
I do love the way they look in the late afternoon light!


Christine B. said...

Well, the royalty won't be seen around here...I guess we're too cold in the Last Frontier. I have heard of some rhodies and azaleas that do well up here, but I haven't seen many in gardens. I planted one last year, so here's hoping the royalty will slum a bit.

Christine in Alaska

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I'm always envious of azaleas that look this good. With our wet spring, the ones I've seen here look better than years past, but they never look as good as these in our climate.