Monday, October 18, 2010

Time Traveling

My husband and I did a little time traveling this weekend.  We drove 180 miles or so, parked the car, and stepped  into the world of Colonial Williamsburg.  We've made the trip many times over the years and never tire of it. We love history, but Colonial Williamsburg is a great destination for garden lovers, too.
The weather was nearly perfect -  it was cool and breezy under sunny skies.  The foliage was beautiful even though I think the peak color is a few weeks away.  We both carried cameras and brought home almost 500 pictures!
The sign was missing, but the empty space seems to frame the changing leaves. 

An arbor in the Palace gardens.

The Palace Gardens

Viewed from across the canal behind the Palace Gardens

The canal behind the Palace Gardens.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful leaf?

The carriage and wagon rides were very popular.

Do you see the butterfly?
A picture of me taking a picture!
 I wasn't able to identify all of the plants I saw.  On the next visit I may invest in the little guide book I saw in the book store to help with that.
I'll be posting more pictures - but not of gardens or plants - on my other blog, The Blessing Bowl,  within the next day or so.


One said...

Beautiful autumn colors! I like the arbor. Isn't is nice to have something like that in the garden? Thank you for sharing the photos.

Daricia said...

ginny, i have always been fascinated with colonial williamsburg but have never been there! you've reminded me i need to make a plan. old salem is not too far away from me, and i go there occasionally for what i imagine is a similar experience. have you been there? it's great this time of year, too. nice post, thanks for taking us along.

Floridagirl said...

My sister and I took our kids about ten years ago and loved that step back in time. How wonderful that they have preserved that old village so perfectly! My favorite spot was that allee walk in the governor's garden. You have brought back some beautiful memories with this post! And yes, that is a wonderful leaf!

Ginny said...

Daricia, I have been to Old Salem, and Williamsburg is a similar experience but so much more, I think. Colonial Williamsburg has really added to their programming and the "Revolutionary City" programs are lots of fun. I think Fall is my favorite time of year there, but the gardens in Spring are wonderful, and the grand illumination at Christmas is great fun.

Karen said...

I've seen Colonial Williamsburg on TV but never in person. It looks fascinating and the gardens are so beautiful! Thank you for the tour!

sierrafoothillgarden said...

Wonderful photos Ginny, it's like visiting myself to see these! I did visit once in 1995 with a lot of 8th graders including my daughter...didn't have time to look at the gardens, but you have given a me a glimpse. I'd love to plant an arbor like the palace garden.

Chris said...

Colonial Williamsburg is one of my favorite places! It's been many years since I've visited, but I have many happy memories and your photo of the garden reminds me of a photo I took there on one trip.

bacon seed said...

Hi Ginny. I love the arbor photo, and the one of the butterfly on the Gomphrena. I just posted about that plant tonight. I didn't know you had a new site. I will stop by there and check it out :)

tina said...

I've never been to Colonial Williamsburg though I've been to the Williamsburg area. I love the gardens and there are so many of them too so I appreciate seeing them on blogs and in the great pictures. It is ever so nice you and your husband both enjoyed it and I can just see you both snapping pictures. Here in our house it is always only me snapping the shots.

That J. maple in your header shot (I'm assuming?) sure is great!

Les said...

I am glad you had a good time in Williamsburg. When we have visitors from other parts of the country, we like to show it off. As many times as I have been, I have never made it to the Palace garden. Maybe one day I will buy a ticket.

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently.