Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Only ten?

I'm joining in the celebration of 10-10-10 at the invitation of Meredehuit of This Grandmother's Garden, even though it is already 10-12-10.  She and other bloggers have been sharing lists of 10 things they love.  Sounds easy, doesn't it?  If you love as much as I do - people, places, nature, books, etc., etc. - it is VERY difficult.  So I decided to leave out all of those things about gardening that I love - because if you read my blog you probably already know about them.  My list will tell you a little about the non-gardening side of my life.  The list is totally random and not in any particular order.

I love
1) the fingers of newborn babies.
Well, really I love everything about newborn babies.

2) Thanksgiving day hikes with family
There were quite a few of us, spanning three generations, spread out on this trail last Thanksgiving Day.

3) UNC-Chapel Hill home football games (especially if we win)
I met my husband in Chapel Hill but we never went to a game together as students, and we're lucky to get to one a year now.

4) The annual Christmas season gathering of my husband's family in Charleston.
Charleston is a wonderfully festive place to be just before Christmas.

5) My beautiful and sweet dog, Little Bear
She loves being outside as much as I do.

6) Decorating my angel tree at Christmas each year.
I've collected so many angel ornaments over the years, that I decided to put up another Christmas tree just for them.   I made many of the angels and others were gifts.  

7) Outdoor concerts at the North Carolina Museum of Art amphitheater
This was Patty Griffin with Buddy Miller.  They were fantastic.  It had been raining all day - thus the blue tarp.  

8)  Girl talk on the beach 
With my sister and sister-in-law last year.  I have my back to the camera.

9)  Sitting on the porch with my husband and reading on a rainy afternoon at the lake.
With this one I've managed to include three loves! 

10)  Discovering new music through NPR music - both on the radio and on the website.  
My most recent discovery was Ollabelle.

It's been fun thinking of all the things I love and sharing them with you.  If you haven't already told us about 10 things you love, I hope you'll join the celebration!


Karen said...

Ginny, what a wonderful post. I enjoyed reading all about ten of your favorite things!

Kyna said...

Those are awesome! Also living in NC, I share a couple of those with ya :D

Rosey said...

Cute baby!

Thanks for sharing that video. I watched it and now I have something to listen to while I blog.

One said...

Love your Little Bear. She's adorable.

Carol said...

You like many of the same things I do. Your angel tree is magical! I am enjoying the music too! Your little bear is very sweet and much smaller baby ... so sweet. Clever title too. ;>)

Sue Langley said...

Hi Ginny, I like your ten things and it has started me thinking about what I enjoy most in life. Nice to be thinking about that!


TS said...

The video didn't work for me but I still loved reading your post. A hike after Thanksgiving dinner sounds like a wonderful idea. :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny...delightful..