Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Words on being wordless

I often post a picture with no words for Wordless Wednesday
a "linky party" of images that need no words.  

It might be a picture like this one of a bluebird perched in a tree in my garden. 
He speaks of happiness and Spring and hope.

Or this one of the dandelion in my garden this morning, reminding me of 
childhood days, blowing dandelion puffs and making wishes.

Or this one of rose buds, shedding tears of morning dew -  
mixing messages of beauty, joy, and sorrow.

I might post this photo of the Adirondack chairs in their new location, calling to me to sit 
with a cool drink while I watch the birds at the feeders.

Or the photo of the pentstemon dancing by the birdbath, suggesting I join them in
stretching out my arms and twirling through the grass.

But there are times when I am wordless, not because no words are 
necessary but because I am bereft of them.
There are times when I am hungry for words and have none.  
When I long to speak my heart but don't know how.  

God, there are moments when we do not know what to say, so we come to just sit with you. 
Stay with us and hold us close. Amen.
A prayer by Michele Thomas-Bush from the Myers Park Presbyterian Church (Charlotte, NC) 
daily devotional   
April 11, 2011


Southern Lady said...

What a beautiful post. I loved the quote at the end. I hope you are doing well. Carla

Lindsey V said...

Beautiful prayer! Spring was my WW focus this week too!

Ai KaiRui Liu said...

very lovely your photos...Visiting from WW...Im your newest follower, hope you'll follow me back

take a peek on my entry

Cat said...

So beautifully the prayer.

Debra said...

God, there are moments when we do not know what to say, so we come to just sit with you.
Stay with us and hold us close. Amen.
....And Amen.
I'm with Cat: so beautifully poetic.
And I'd love to sit in your backyard with you and just adore the birds and all the surrounding glory in Ginny's garden. Paradise!

Donna said...

I am not sure I have the words to comment on this lovely post..suffice it to say---beautiful!! Thanks Ginny

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

A beautiful, and very eloquently written post Ginny.

Benjamin Vogt said...

I sure wish I could get some bluebirds here, though I guess I'm not close enough to an open field, and a fuzz too close to built up city / houses.

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Ahhhhh. . . . .the Bluebird of happiness! Love all the pics!!

Karen said...

Such a lovely post. The roses and the bluebird are gorgeous.

Alistair said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures along with such beautiful words.

NellJean said...

A lovely post, thank you.

I saw where you asked on Blotanical about questions in comments. If someone asks me a question or their comment really needs to be addressed, I try to get to their blog to answer.

If I ask a question, I sometimes subscribe to comments until I see if there is an answer. It isn't difficult to unsubscribe.

Mac_fromAustralia said...

I came to check if I had somehow missed your GBBD post. I hope all is well with you?

Carolyn ♥ said...

Love this! Your words are as beautiful as your pictures.