Wednesday, June 15, 2011

GBBD - A world where it was always June

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June."
- L. M. Montgomery

If we lived in a world where it was always June it would be like living where 
every day was Christmas  - so much excitement that we'd soon be worn out from it.  
Like too much candy, it would lose its sweetness.  
But we don't live where it's always June and in fact, June is speeding by much too fast! 
 Keeping up with what's blooming is hard work, especially when the blooms come and 
go each day as the daylilies do.

 I wrote about the hydrangeas in bloom in my last post, but when I downloaded photos tonight 
I found this image that I couldn't resist sharing.
The bee balm has been blooming for a week or so and was so beautiful when the blooms were fresh.
 They're a little worn looking now, but the bees don't care.
One of my favorites, and one that will bloom all summer, is the coreopsis.

The Sunny Border Blue Speedwell and the Becky Towe Phlox just began to bloom this week. 
They, too, should bloom through the summer.
Two elegant calla lily blooms remind me of my daughter's wedding, when she carried them in her bouquet.
 And the bright red and orange blooms of the lantana will soon be beckoning the butterflies - I hope!
There are more photos of more blooms, but maybe that would be like too much candy.  
I'll save some for later.  But I want to close with this photo of a volunteer sunflower.  
Doesn't it look like it's getting ready to take off and fly away into the sun?
Head on over to May Dreams Gardens to see what's blooming in other gardens on 
this Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! 


Bernie said...

Fabulous blooms for a GBBD post. Loved that shot of your Hydranga bloom ... gorgeous blue and white. The Coreopsis is a stunner too! Your Sunflower definitely looks like it's ready for take off! Nice angle.

Donna said...

How funny is that ....I used the same quote in my post which will go up tomorrow...your plants are looking so lovely

Sheila said...

I like the coreopsis - everything, really! GBBD is making me wish for more sun in the garden ... I agree, sometimes putting all the blooms in one post is too much. Gotta save some of the treats :)

Karen said...

Oh, yes, June is speeding by way too fast, I can't believe it's half over already. Things change the most in the garden in June, I think, everything goes ninety miles an hour, including the weeds.

Love your flowers, they are all beautiful.

scottweberpdx said...

Great the Monarda...and agree...they looks so awesome for a few weeks...then do loot a bit tatty...but the bess and hummers still love them!

RBell said...

Callas have such an elegant appearance in the garden. Everything is looking really good. Happy GBBD!

HolleyGarden said...

Sometimes I wish the blooms would last forever, but then I suppose we would wish for a relaxing winter! The blooms are speeding by this year - yours are lovely. Love the speedwell.

greggo said...

this is I think May would be better for me, june pretty close however

ronniejt28 said...

Looking good! Its always useful to compare progress. My hydrangea is looking at the same stage as yours but my phlox are no where near out.

Alistair said...

I have never heard Monarda referred to as bee balm,these plants flower in mid July in our garden.Terrific pictures, the sun flower does indeed look like it is about to take off.

Toni said...

Beautiful blooms in your garden this June! You're probably right, we wouldn't appreciate our blooms if we didn't have to go through a little dormancy first. Love the bee balm. I have some of that, too. A few years ago I thought it was taking up too much space, so I pulled it all out -- or so I thought. Some of it came back and now I am glad it did. When I pulled it out, I filled in with some other things, so now the bee balm comes up in between all of the other plants and I just love it -- as much as the bees :-)

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Ginny, Your garden is awesome! Your blooms are way ahead of my PA flowers -- your photos make me anxious for my daylilies to start blooming. Love that hydrangea! P. x

The Sage Butterfly said...

Your garden is lovely! I particularly like the hydrangea bloom...even the center with its intricacies and color is so interesting and beautiful! I enjoyed my visit.