Saturday, May 8, 2010

Strawberry fields in May

We took the grandchildren to the "pick-your-own" strawberry fields this morning, as we used to take their mother and our other children when they were small.  It 's early in the berry season and the plants were still full of blooms and ripening berries - but we quickly picked several pounds.  Later today we'll have birthday cake with strawberries and whipped cream as we celebrate my grandson's birthday.   When  my children were small we'd make a freezer of vanilla ice cream on the day we picked berries and we'd eat nothing but strawberries and ice cream for dinner.


Deborah Verhoeven said...

That looks like heaven. It's been many years since I've done that. I love fresh strawberries with honey.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Oh! Sounds like I'd love dinner at your house, just dessert! Our strawberries are just now coming ripe, and the first few we've had were wonderfully sweet. Now I'm inspired to make ice cream!

Dave said...

Yum! My parents took my kids last year to a strawberry field but unfortunately the strawberries had a bad year. That sounds like a neat family tradition!

Amy said...

That sounds like a great tradition! Ice cream/strawberries sound wonderful.
I planted strawberries in a container...the only problem is that we get just a couple at a time. They are good, though! Cute photos :)

Gary said...

Hi Ginny,
Thanks for the post on my blog.
Pick your own Strawberries...ahh such memories. I used to take my two daughter to these and had such fun.