Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blooming and buzzing

No flowers, no bees;
No bees, no flowers.
Blooming and buzzing,
Buzzing and blooming;
Married and still in Love.
- Mike Garofalo

This week is the fourth annual National Pollinator Week, a week that "has grown to be an international celebration of the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles."  Did you know that bats and beetles are pollinators?  I didn't!  The Pollinator Partnership website has a wealth of information about pollinators, their importance to our ecosystem, and how to plant a friendly pollinator habitat, as well as information about how your region is celebrating National Pollinator Week.   You may be interested in entering some of your photographs in the photography contest.
Bees are plentiful in my garden - they buzz around me whenever I'm weeding and watering.  They especially love the Sunny Border Blue Speedwell.

But seeing a butterfly is much more exciting than seeing a bee!  This was the first Tiger Swallowtail to visit my Nanho Purple Butterfly Bush this year.  (Though I did see one on the Pagoda Dogwood at my family's lake property in May.  For those pictures click here. )
A painted lady paid a visit in May.
I hope more butterflies will be visiting and pollinating this summer - the thrill of seeing them never goes away!


Pam said...

WOW! Your butterflies are amazing! The wings are so detailed, you want to reach out and pet them. :-)

Bernie said...

Great photos ... so many lovely butterflies. That Tiger Swallowtail is something special!

Amy said...

Pretty butterfly bush and butterfly photos!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Beautiful butterflies! I just never quite seem able to get that close to them with my lens.

walk2write said...

You've taken some wonderful pics. I just planted some butterfly bushes in large pots, something I've never tried before so we'll see how they do. It's wonderful that more people are planting to attract the pollinators and aware of their plight, especially the honeybees.

jeansgarden said...

What beautiful images. I am very envious of your blog header image of the hydrangea. I long to have a blue lace-cap hydrangea in my garden -- but, alas, they are not reliably winter hardy here. -Jean

fairegarden said...

What gorgeous images of blooms and beasties, Ginny! I love Sunny Border Blue, the color, form and long bloom time make it a stand out. Well done all around and thanks for reminding us about the sweet pollinators! :-)

tina said...

No wonder I'm seeing pollination articles everywhere. I was wondering about that. Thanks for telling us it is that week as I had no idea. Pollinators are most important for sure. Your butterflies are lovely. I have that 'Sunny Border Blue' and I agree the bees love it. I love it too since it blooms almost all season.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi Ginny! No, I didn't know that bats and beetles were polinators! Thanks for educating me! You have very good photographs here and in your other posts.
Thanks for stopping by at my blog and leaving a comment! Happy blogging and happy gardening!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

You got such wonderful shots, and to have so many butterflies, I am thrilled for you.

Since we live in the middle of a block of condos, any wildlife is a thrill for me. I try to do my best, but with so little plant material surrounding us, it's hard. But on my deck, with it's over 200 planters, there is a wildlife paradise. At least that's what the raccoon thinks, and the possumms, and the mice.....I do get the occasional butterfly.


perennialgardener said...

Oh wonderful shots, so jealous! I haven't seen too many of these flying flowers this season. :(

Meredith said...

What lovely photos, Ginny! I haven't gotten any pictures of tiger or giant swallowtails yet this year -- now I'm all the more eager! The bees, too -- well done!